Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Asking Situational Questions

I have been working with some of my students on asking questions on and off all year.  Many of my students are able to formulate questions, but then can't ask questions when they are in the classroom, home or social environments.  They don't know how to ask questions when they are out of my room!  So I got to thinking, and make an asking situational questions activity.  These cards require students to think of a specific situation with a peer, teacher or parent and what they want or need to know.  The students then have to formulate a question to ask in that situation.  The idea behind this activity is to bridge my students question formulation skills, and reduce some of the anxiety about actually asking a question.

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A total of 80 therapy cards addressing Yes/No, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions are included.  8 additional game cards are also included!
An example of Yes/No Questions!

An example of Where questions.

Game cards are included.  Students try to collect as many owls as possible.  A sleeping owl causes the student to lose one turn.   If the owls are caught in the student, they must put all of their owls back.  Cards with two owls are worth two points.

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