Monday, June 25, 2012

More Dice Articulation Practice!

It's my birthday - so I'm uploading a present for you!  Free articulation practice printable for everyone to enjoy!

Another sight word practice idea that I found on Pinterest and adapted to articulation therapy with the idea of starting to do some articulation stations.  I'm liking the sight word adaptations for articulation since it seems to be a fun way for kids to practice their words and do something different.  It also turns the articulation practice itself into the game which has been one of my personal goals this year.

Students roll the dice on their turn and add up the total between two dice.  They then complete the task by the target number.  After doing the activity/task students then get the number as points.  The points can be tracked throughout the session to determine who wins! I've found that these work better in smaller groups, because kids need guidance for some of the directions.

Practice in Words
Practice in Sentences

The Google Docs are Here:
Roll a Word - Words and Phrases Level
Roll a Word - Sentence Level


  1. This is a lifesaver for ESY this morning! Super busy yesterday and didn't my game printed and cut so I could laminate it before my first student this morning! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!