Monday, March 18, 2013


Friday is my one year Blogiversary.  I can't believe it's been a year already since I've started.  I know that I've been a much more creative therapist this year, as I think about materials I can make to help my students, and follow other bloggers and use their ideas in my therapy room.

Now, I can't invite you all to a party at my house (especially since it would involve more organization than I should admit to in such a public forum...).   But I can throw a sale and celebrate with flash freebies on facebook!

My little corner of the internet has an official birthday on Saturday the 23rd.  I'm going to be running a sale for 20% off my entire store on Friday and Saturday next weekend, so get yourselves to my store on TPT and get your wishlists ready!  I planned this before joining the St. Patrick's day sale, so it's a great opportunity to grab anything you missed while busy being green!

I'm going to be doing a flash freebie of an existing item when I get to 100 followers - and have 11 to go at this point.   Next weekend, I'll also be celebrating with flash freebies of new items.  Head over to Facebook and like my page so you don't miss out!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Simple Left Right Activity

When working on some concepts with manipulables today, I found a little gem in my box of animals, and thought I'd share it with you.

So many kids struggle to learn their own left and right, but also have difficulty transferring left and right concepts to other people and objects. 

I did the easiest thing in the world.  I took a sharpie and wrote a L on the left side of an animal and R on the right side.  I start by having the kids identify the animals left and right when they are the same as the student's left and right.  Then we move the animal around and see how the left and right stay the same, and how they relate to the left and right of each students.   

I remember working on these left/right and left/right crossover with pictures on my internship with the old BOEHM therapy kit, and the writing on toys method seems to go quicker with my students.  It's highly visual and tactile.  Plus when using toys, I can get my students to work for the first 20 minutes of the session with a playtime reward at the end.  We play and talk about animals for the last 5 minutes while I write down my data.  What more could I ask for?  I really don't know, but I'm pretty sure my second grade boys would like me to take the sharpie to some matchbox cars...

During play time, we talked about how many colors each student choose and what else we'd see on a farm, and how zoo animals are different from farm animals.  Then we correctly labeled which stickers were on the left and right sides of our sticker sheets!
I wrote on animals from an animal counter set from Lakeshore Learning but any thrift store toys would work just as well.  I've been looking for little plastic people for a while, but no luck yet.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stuttering is Super!

Stuttering is super!  I struggle to help my some of my students who stutter maintain their self-esteem.  I’ve been meaning to do a stuttering unit for a while because I need more therapy materials, and had to make it once I got the idea to use superheroes.  Super kids who stutter are here!

This is the picture that is used for the overall description of Easy Onsets, Pullouts and Cancellations as well as the game board for the dice game for the Silly Stutters.

This is a huge 66 page unit that addresses: Stuttering Facts and Myths, Silly Stutters, Easy Onsets, Pull-Outs and Cancellations are included.  Each section contains a brief explanation of the therapy technique and therapy objectives.   I choose a variety of different preview sheets for each section so you can get a feel for the unit as a whole.

Stuttering Facts and Myths
8 pages, 36 cards, blank cards are included.  18 fact cards and 18 myth cards.

Silly Stutters
3 pages, dice game for what kind of silly stutter to use is included and descriptions of kinds of stutters.  (Cards are the same as for Pull-Outs and Cancellations to save cutting and laminating time!)

 Above is the types of stutters page.  The dice game is more open ended because not all students do every type of stuttering and I want it to be functional for all students.

Easy Onsets
28 pages, practice in words (72 cards), phrases (54 cards) and sentences (54 cards). Game cards are also included.

Overview page, same page with different content is used to describe Pull-outs and Cancellations.

Easy onset practice in sentences.  The stars indicate a pause.  If you notice I found little super heroes that most of our kids should be able to identify with. 

Pullouts and Cancellations
Both have an overall description and cards to have for in front of students.
21 pages, 90 therapy cards, plus game cards, and a game board.

Overview page that has directions, therapy objectives and therapy tips!

Cancellations (2 kinds of cancellations are described)
The cancellations with the green stars are the Van Riper method and are described in many textbooks about stuttering.  The cancellations with the yellow stars are the kind of cancellation that is described in many commercially available therapy materials.  I included both so that the unit would be functional for therapists working with either kind of cancellation with their students.  Please use your clinical judgment in selecting which method to use and I would recommend choosing just one since they do have the same name and I didn’t want to rename one of them.

Example of cards for students to explain each stuttering technique.  Content is the same as the city scene page, pictured with Easy Onsets.  Each kind of cancellation has it's own pages in the Unit.

Example of word cards for Silly Stutters, Pull-Outs and Cancellations.  There are 90 cards in total, plus game cards, plus blank cards to add your own words!

A 2 page board game is also included to use when working on pull outs and cancellations.   Students start by drawing a word card.  When kids land on a spiky symbol (does anyone know the technical name?) they do a pull out, and when they land on a star, they do a cancellation.

Can you help the Stuttering Heroes find their friends?
 Whew!  This one took a long time to make, and I'm happy to finally be able to share it with everyone!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Activities!

Easter is coming faster than I can count!  Also, the week before Easter we have spring break which does tend to speed things up a bit!

Last year I did a big post on Easter Activities! so check it out for some great ideas!

I updated the download for the Peeps activity since I am thinking about doing it again this year.  I have a few students who have been talking about it ALL year, so it was definitely memorable. There is no way to talk about this activity that isn't funny, so it's fun and memorable for the adults involved too!

Grab the updated experiment pages for the Peeps activity for free in my TPT store!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Possessives Unit

I have a few kids who need to work on possessive nouns, pronouns and have/has.  So many of my materials don't have pictures that go with the sentence, which can be confusing for some of my students.  When I saw this clip art, I had to make a possessives unit with pictures that correspond to each sentence.

Check it out on TPT!
This unit has a total of 124 cards and can easily be used with any activity or game in your therapy room!

The possessive noun / pronoun cards have fill in the blanks that can used for either one depending on your therapy targets.  This works for every sentence in this section, since we all spend so much of our valuable time cutting and laminating materials, I wanted these cards to do double duty.  There are 12 cards each of girls and boys to provide equal practice when you are working on pronouns.

Their and theirs have separate cards, with 12 each.  Theirs is pictured above.  Their uses the same pictures with different sentences.

For the its cards, you will have have your students add "The" when working on possessive nouns so the sentences make sense with both words.

Has and Have have 32 cards for each.  Most cards working on people, other with animals and objects pictures.  Boys and girls are equally represented, with the girls cards pictured below.

Example of have cards:

If you have kids working on possessives make sure you check out this activity in my TPT store!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where is Pool Party

This simple activity targets working on Where Questions, Locations and you can even start working on He and She!

The locations targeted are:
in, on, next to (both sides are included so you can talk about left and right), over, under, in front, in back/behind.

 18 cards featuring 6 different kids are included!

Grab this freebie in my TPT store! 
The freebie is back up - 10/7/2013 and will remain up.