Sunday, March 3, 2013

Possessives Unit

I have a few kids who need to work on possessive nouns, pronouns and have/has.  So many of my materials don't have pictures that go with the sentence, which can be confusing for some of my students.  When I saw this clip art, I had to make a possessives unit with pictures that correspond to each sentence.

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This unit has a total of 124 cards and can easily be used with any activity or game in your therapy room!

The possessive noun / pronoun cards have fill in the blanks that can used for either one depending on your therapy targets.  This works for every sentence in this section, since we all spend so much of our valuable time cutting and laminating materials, I wanted these cards to do double duty.  There are 12 cards each of girls and boys to provide equal practice when you are working on pronouns.

Their and theirs have separate cards, with 12 each.  Theirs is pictured above.  Their uses the same pictures with different sentences.

For the its cards, you will have have your students add "The" when working on possessive nouns so the sentences make sense with both words.

Has and Have have 32 cards for each.  Most cards working on people, other with animals and objects pictures.  Boys and girls are equally represented, with the girls cards pictured below.

Example of have cards:

If you have kids working on possessives make sure you check out this activity in my TPT store!

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  1. This activity looks adorable! Going on my wishlist!! Thanks for sharing!