Monday, March 18, 2013


Friday is my one year Blogiversary.  I can't believe it's been a year already since I've started.  I know that I've been a much more creative therapist this year, as I think about materials I can make to help my students, and follow other bloggers and use their ideas in my therapy room.

Now, I can't invite you all to a party at my house (especially since it would involve more organization than I should admit to in such a public forum...).   But I can throw a sale and celebrate with flash freebies on facebook!

My little corner of the internet has an official birthday on Saturday the 23rd.  I'm going to be running a sale for 20% off my entire store on Friday and Saturday next weekend, so get yourselves to my store on TPT and get your wishlists ready!  I planned this before joining the St. Patrick's day sale, so it's a great opportunity to grab anything you missed while busy being green!

I'm going to be doing a flash freebie of an existing item when I get to 100 followers - and have 11 to go at this point.   Next weekend, I'll also be celebrating with flash freebies of new items.  Head over to Facebook and like my page so you don't miss out!

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