Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cariboo Cards!

Cariboo is a favorite with my students, and with the preschoolers that one of my coworkers work with.  If you don't have a copy, it's not currently in print and can get really expensive online.  I see it all the time at places like Goodwill and other thrift stores.  The balls are easy enough to replace if missing and these cards will take the place of any need for a complete set!  I have both the older and newer versions of Cariboo and they fit both versions of the game.

The cards are designed to fit the game perfectly so you don't have to do any laminating.  Just print on cardstock and cut out and you're ready to play!  Because Cariboo is played with a key and kids don't handle the cards the game doesn't really need to be laminated.

I have made both a Language set for Cariboo and an Articulation set.

Cariboo for Language!

Cariboo for Language has two versions - Categories and Action verbs and both games have several ways to play.

Check out Cariboo for Language in my TPT Store!

Ways to play categories:

Describing – students need to describe the item before they can open a door
Category naming – students need to name the category the item goes to before they can open a door (some categories can be divided into smaller categories – ie: fruits/vegetables from food
Category matching – shuffle extra cards and students match the card they draw to a door from a matching category and label one way they are alike.  
Naming Items in Categories:  Students draw one of the cards with the category labels on them, they need to match the category with an item in it.  For a challenge – what else can they name?

Cards for the labels of the included categories are pictured below.  Each category as three corresponding items.

  Action verbs can be used for several therapy targets (pictured on the game above)

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Is/are verbing
  • Regular and Irregular past tense verb practice (contains a mix but more than 15 of each to fill up the entire Cariboo board)
  • He/She/They Practice

Check out Cariboo for Language in my TPT Store!
I also made Cariboo for Articulation which is divided into two sets available for purchase on TPT.

  The Early Sounds set contains the sounds:  P, B, M, N, -NG, T, D, G, K, F, V and L  plus 2 pages of L blends.  

All sounds have 15 cards of each word position.  

Check out the early sounds set on TPT!

 The Late Sounds set contains the sounds: S, Z, R, TH, SH, CH and J as well as 3 pages of S-blends, 1 page of Z-blends, 2 pages of R blends and 8 pages of vocalic R sounds.

All sounds (except TH) have 15 cards (a full Cariboo game) of each sound in each word position.  TH sounds have 15 cards of voiced TH sounds and 15 cards of voiceless TH sounds across all three word positions.

Grab the late sounds set in my TPT store.

Make sure you check out all of these items in my TPT store.

I put 3 pages of the D sounds up as a Freebie on TPT so you can check out the cards!
Grab the D Freebie here!
So now the big question - What other goals do you want to work on while playing Cariboo?


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