Saturday, December 1, 2012

Robot Inference Cards

One thing I always need more of is simple inference activities.  Many of my students have a lot of difficulty making inferences, and this has been highlighted by our new school wide reading assessments.  I have many inference activities, but wanted to make another one because I don't want my students to simply memorize the inferences on the cards I have, but I want them to work on making connections.

This need was highlighted after an inference-making therapy session with one of my students the week before Thanksgiving.  After our fourth consecutive session on inferences, we're talking about the holiday.  She mentions that her favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the mashed potatoes.  I state that I too love mashed potatoes, but am sad, and using a sad voice say "Guess what my mom's not making this year."  She excitedly says "What?" *facepalm*  We really do need more practice and work on making inferences, and to do that we also need more things to practice with.

I was already working on this activity, but this moment, really stands out in my mind as the reason I hurried to finished it.

This activity is available for purchase in my teachers pay teacher store in my teachers pay teachers store.

 Each card has a short 1-2 sentence story and a basic inference question about the story.

While playing the game, students draw a card and collect robots.  If they get a gears are stuck card, they have to put one of the robots back.  The student with the most robots at the end wins the game!

Available for purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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