Thursday, January 10, 2013

Camping with Pronouns!

I have wanted to do a pronoun unit for a long time. I have several students who have so much difficulty telling the difference between she-her-hers and he-him-his. I even have one second grader who is currently using "him" for all pronouns. When I saw this adorable camping clip art I knew just what I wanted to do and have been so excited about it!

The camping trip is introduced by a short story about the camping trip.  It ends by saying let's look at some cards to find out what else happened!  I wanted to get students excited to look at the pronouns cards.  A few of my pronoun students are a little leery of any activity that isn't a game, but I want the story format to engage them and hope they get excited about what happens next!

Check it out on TPT now!

The names of the kids who go camping are consistent throughout the story and the pronoun cards.  I included an extra sheet with the kids names on it to help all of us who are still keeping our caseloads straight.

Pronouns addressed in the are: He/His/Him, She/Her/Hers, and They/Their/Them.  Pronouns are fill in the blank in sentences on the card. All cards have a child picture with the appropriate gender to help make the gender connection to each pronouns. The They/Their/Them cards have pictures of several children on them.   Each addressed pronoun has a large "sorting" card that students can match their answers to.  The female pronouns are red tents, the male pronouns are blue tents and they/their/them is a picture of a campfire.  Also included is a blank with each of the pictures to indulge your creativity!

Each pronoun has eight cards/sentences for practice.  All the sentences are part of the same story.

Present the card and ask the student to choose if they need she/her/hers, he/him/his or they/their/them and then read the card either with a blank or with all three choices and have the student choose which word best fits.
 I also added a blank page of each type of sentence cards so you can add your own sentences or discuss camping as it's appropriate to your region.  At the end of the unit there's a page of comprehension questions that you can use to work on other goals with the same unit!

Grab your copy on TPT!

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