Saturday, June 8, 2013

Asking and Answering Questions Cupcakes

I'm a big fan of using visuals with my students, it lets them start to feel independent and start to figure out things on their own.  There are so many great answering questions units with charts out there,  but not as many for asking questions.  This unit has identical but opposite charts for asking and answering questions to help students make connections between the two.

Asking questions
-          Question word chart formatted from answers to questions
-          How many questions card
-          Keep track of how many questions a student can ask about a topic using dry erase markers or tokens
-          4 and 6 Star Options so you can adjust the level of difficulty
-          Simple sentences for students to ask questions about
-          Some of the sentences might not be true for you, A blank sheet is included so you can add and remove as you need to!

Answering Questions
-          Question word chart formatted from questions to answers
-          Questions for students to answer
-          105 question cards!

Both asking questions and answering questions cards are shown.

Check it out on TPT!

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