Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flying for Cause and Effect

Cause and effect is one of those skills that many of my students have a lot of trouble understanding.  Cause and effect is so important for cognitive organization and to help students understand concepts that are happening in their classrooms.  I want to continue working on this, and have a variety of stimulus activities to work on with different students. Thus I needed more materials! We always need more materials.  How does that commercial go again? "We want more, we want more!"

Anyway I broke the cause and effect into two sections.  The first takes out the actual vocabulary "cause and effect" and uses the phrases "what would happen if?" and "what will happen next?"  The idea behind this is to get students to start thinking about how different events are related.  Next there are cards that ask students to identify possible causes and effects.  Both multiple choice and open answer cards are provided.  A cause/effect cue sheet is included!  Check it out on TPT!

Both types of predicting outcomes cards.

"Gotcha" or game cards are provided for the open ended response cards for both levels of difficulty.
Two kinds of cause and effect cards.  Both cause/effect prompts are included in each format.

I also made a flying in the clouds game to go with this activity.  Students roll a dice and go to the next biggest number.  If they land on an airplane space, they follow the dotted line to either go ahead or backward.

If you're interested make sure to check this one out on TPT! 

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