Saturday, November 2, 2013

Left Right Activity and Facebook Freebie

Much like everyone else, I spend tons of my time teaching basic concepts and thinking about teaching basic concepts.  This week, I made up a (reasonably) fun activity to practice left and right.

 The student is given directions to roll a dice with either their left or right hand to practice.  This student has small post-its with left and right written on them on the table to help keep track.  When the dice is rolled, we keep track of how many points each hand gets.  I used one of my big foam dice because most of my students think that they are more fun.
It is a super simple activity that gets students to think about which hand they are using.  I did it with two students yesterday and they both really enjoyed it!

I also have put a Thanksgiving Themed Freebie up on Facebook.  Like me on Facebook to access it!

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