Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dice Dice and more Dice!

Yesterday was a dice-filled day.  I was playing a newly created dice game (getting things together for you - stay tuned for my next post!) and my children were spending an unfortunate amount of time chasing dice around my office.   I found a great dice idea on pinterest and was hopefully to be able to implement something.  After fruitless searching at several stores I was still unable to find small snack containers to put the dice, and had no idea where any of the little toy machines were for the plastic bubbles.  The last stop of the night was the Dollar Tree.   I take a quick browse through the toy department and low and behold - there are the giant dice I've always wanted.  They even had six colors.  Feeling slightly pragmatic I limited myself to four - on the idea that I'd use one color at a time.  Since chipper chat and other Super Duper activities have long since taught me that childern + foam dice = limited life span.

2.5 inch cubes

I can't guarantee that a Dollar Tree near you will have such dice, but they typically carry similar items so it would be worth a shot to check!

I finally have giant dice and am so happy!  One of the other SLPs brought a big wooden dice back from a weekend trip and I have been jealous.  Her giant dice may be fun, but I'm also excited that mine will be quiet!

An as excited as I was about my big dice, I was feeling depressed about my lack of ability to contain the little ones.  And there - right behind the Cash Register it was.  A machine with Zombies in little plastic bubbles.  Not only are dice contained, I've got lots of little Zombies to attach to a friends present.  I ultimately want a fourth dice bubble, but I ran out of quarters for that trip. 

The dice slip and slide on the round inside of the container and it's actually kind of fun to shake them!

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