Monday, April 30, 2012

Roll a Word Articulation Game

I've got ever expanding numbers of kids in my articulation groups going into the end of the year as all the last minute referrals qualify, so I've been thinking through different kinds of articulation stations.  So when I saw the roll a letter letter labeling game on pinterest I knew I had to modify it for articulation!

The premise is that each student rolls one, or two dice depending on how many words you want them to practice on each turn.  After they practice their words the first student two finish a column wins!  If one student finishes a column with a could lucky rolls, you can always see who can finish the most columns.

I created a blank sheet that I filled out with 9 rows of words (54 words total, 27 in each word position).  I used the HELP to fill out this world list as I recently created a different activity using the No Glamour Articulation word lists. 

I then laminated all of my sheets so students could cross off with a dry-erase marker.

After I finished doing my articulation word lists for some of my current students I started thinking about other uses for these sheets!  Just think of all the language things we could practice: vocabulary, adjectives, regular past tense, regular past tense, plurals, verbs ect!

Get your copy on Google Docs!

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  1. Thanks so much! This will come in handy. :)

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  3. Thanks, this is a great new idea! Liven things up a bit!