Monday, October 7, 2013

Basic Emotions Activity

I have a few kids on my caseload with understanding emotions goals and needed something else to use with them.  One day last spring, I was talking to my ASD teacher friend and she told me about a training she went to.  One key thing was that for kids who don't understand emotions very well, focus should be on a few basic emotions rather than shades of difference between afraid/nervous, happy/excited/thrilled, sad/despair ect.  This made so much sense to me.  I have so many students who have so much trouble telling the difference between happy and sad for characters in a book.  I needed somewhere to go before using more complex emotions activities.  I'm seeing this as a great tool for my students with EBD and ASD labels as well as those who we suspect have Fetal Alcohol Effect.

It's on TPT!
Picture cards for targeted emotions are included.

I created an identifying emotions activity focusing on four basic emotions: happy, mad, sad and scared.Thinking further about the kinds of students that I will use this activity with I decided to leave the stimulus cards in simple text format with game cards completely separate. 

There are two levels of stimulus cards.  Level one has identifying emotions in other people, and Level two has identifying personal emotions (how would you feel if...).  There are 36 stimulus cards at each level, 9 for each targeted emotion.

I have a simple game attached to the unit.  It can be used with these stimulus cards or as a quick game for other therapy targets.  This makes your purchase more flexible, gives you non-distracting stimulus cards and allows you to use the same game when addressing a variety of therapy targets in the same group.  Game play is very simple to take focus off the game: students draw a card on their turn.  Warm Fuzzy cards are worth one point.  Cold Prickly cards are worth no points.

Check it out on TPT!

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