Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dollar Store Dash Linky Party

I tried to do the Dollar Store Dash Linky party as true to the directions as possible.  I completely failed with the only spend 5 dollars part of the challenge.  This is probably why I don't spend more time in dollar stores.

I will limit my activity creation to only $5 worth of products, but will admit what else I bought.

I bought 3 things for the 5 dollar part of the challenge. (6 dollars worth of things are pictured, but the you can only count $5 and use manipulables you already have or buy less cones or only one box set).

The stuff:
1. Frogs - 8 pack
2. Two sets of 2 googly-eyed monster boxes
3. Three colored traffic cones ($1) each.

The activities:
1. Use frogs with the traffic cones to work on concepts such as between, under, left and right.
2. Use frogs with the boxes to work on concepts in, out, on, off and big and small using the boxes.  For older kids I might start to introduce things such as "both."
3. Cut a slit in the top of one or both of the bigger monster boxes and use them as card eaters.
4. Use the traffic cones as visuals to work on slowing down kids who have fast rates of speech.
 5. What did the Mummy/Frankenstein eat? Activity: Hide other items in my speech room inside the boxes.  Either show one student what it is and have other students guess, or describe it myself and have all of the students guess.

Other things I managed to collect:
Prize box items (princess rings, glow in the dark snakes & scorpions)
Tootsie Roll pops (to live at my desk)
A bunch of National Geographic kids books that are great for working on articulation generalization and connecting to classroom units.  I'm particularly intrigued by the "Book of Why" and the possibility of using it to address why questions.

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  1. I love the cones (and the book of why)! Prepositions are so hard for some kids to grasp without actually performing the actions! Thanks for adding to the linky party!

  2. Ooh, the book of why sounds interesting! I bet your students will love the card eaters. You could also hide the tops and have kids try to find them.