Monday, November 25, 2013

New products!

I have not been blogging much this fall.  Work is getting crazy!  I don't know how all of you with 100+ caseloads do it.

I have 2 new activities for articulation and language for mixed groups and RTI.

Each contains:
One page of language activities including: WH questions, basic concept comprehesion, describing/comparing, sentence comprehension and conversation questions.
One page of themed articulation words sorted by speech sound.
Two pages of quick game cards that can be used with the provided materials or separately.

The packs are (linked to TPT):

Winter Themed

 and Christmas Themed.


  1. I have a son that was born partially deaf. We have him in hearing aids now. I would love to help him learn how to enunciate better. Is speech therapy and speech pathology the same thing?


  2. Reduced time with students, modified schedules, proctoring tests, and trying to fit in make-up therapy sessions. Speech therapy