Monday, May 14, 2012

Conversation Sticks - DIY activity!

I've been making some of the DIY's posted on the Sublime Speech Blog so I've got an excess of craft sticks around.  While thinking about some conversational activities I've been doing I had an idea for a multi-leveled conversation activity using craft sticks.

The yellow sticks have a variety of conversation topics for kids:

There are 6 each of the red, orange, blue and green sticks.  Three of each color say "question" and three say "comment."

Level 1: On their turn, each student draws out one yellow stick and one different colored stick.  They then have to ask a question or make a comment about the topic on the stick.

Level 2: Pull out all the comment sticks.  Have the first student draw a yellow stick and a different colored (question) stick and ask another student a question.  Have the 2nd student a blue, green, orange or red stick and ask a follow-up question about the topic.

Level 3 through ?: Keep adding numbers of conversational turns and comment sticks to increase the difficulty and the complexity of the conversation!


  1. This is cool. I will pin it on Pinterest. Have a look at my own prompts and picture-based activities involving questions, comments and compliments:
    Joel Shaul, LCSW

  2. Will be using this Friday with my inclusion class! Thank you!