Friday, May 11, 2012

Custom Chipper Chat

A few weeks ago I found Angry Birds Incentive Cards on Pinterest (which is free on TeachersPayTeachers).  My mind immediately said - "Angry Birds Chipper chat?  I'm IN!"  I don't know what it is about Angry Birds, but kids love them.  Anything Angry Birds is welcome in my room (with the exception of the app itself - it is not on my Ipad and will not be on it...)

My kids also love using chipper chat.  I may have some pretty specific rules such as you can move your chips from spot to spot on the board but if they touch the table they're mine again, but my kids love the activity.  I find it a great way to encourage patience and respect between kids.  My students get to roll the dice for chips on their turn, but they also can earn a chip for being respectful on other students' turns.  It  really helps them think about what's going on and who's turn it is to talk.   
I was having so much fun with Angry Birds Chipper Chat, that I started thinking about other custom Chipper Chat boards.  I know my kids love the animals in grammar chipper chat, but it's nothing compared to their other interests.

 Creating the boards was super simple.  I found pictures online.  I found that Desktop sized pictures were best, but pretty much any kids show or movie comes in a desktop so it worked out ok.  I opened the pictures in paint and drew 20 circles on it with the shape tool.  I then pasted the pictures into a horizontal word document so I could control the print size.

I chose to make Disney Princesses, Thomas the Train, Mickey Birthday and Lightning McQueen for 4 specific K/1st grade kids that I work with.  The circles aren't perfectly even, they actually printed a little smaller than the chips.  I was very pleasantly surprised that even my most super-exact students with autism are not bothered by the circle sizes and are ok with the see-through chip going around the circle instead of in the circle.  I'm sure if you're more patient with creating boards than I was and use a real-life ruler on a chip and a ruler view on Paint you could do much better!

Princess and Thomas the Train

Mickey Birthday and Cars

Grab the Printables for my Custom Boards Here.


  1. Love it. Thanks!


  2. What cards do you use with the custom boards?

    1. I use a variety of materials that vary based on my students needs. My kids loved that their interests were included in the activity.