Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Find- Marvel Heroes Game

I found Heroes Unite Marvel Lunchbox Game game a few weeks ago at Joann Fabrics in their new teacher/kids department.  It has been an instant hit!  I believe it was 11.99 there, but with a 50% off coupon it's comparable to the amazon price - with immediate gratification! (The link will take you to amazon). 

I've always been a fan of the Lunchbox games by Fundex (if you ever see the out-of-print Wormy Apples, get it!  It's my favorite...  Cookin' Cookies is also great.  Not to mention the fact that the spoons pick up picture cards!)  Anyway, Lunchbox games are great because of their small size and easy portability.  This is the first year I've not been split between three schools, and I'm still in two.  These games are small and will easily fit into the single drawer you've commandeered or your travel bag with out adding a lot of extra weight.

I've used this with kids in first through eight grade - even one of my least participatory EBD kids is getting into it!  (Girls, including myself, also love it!)

The premise of the game is fairly simple.  Each student gets one of each super hero (Spiderman, Captain American and the Hulk).   Three villains are placed in the middle of the table.  They have 1-3 superheros on the bottom that are needed to defeat the villains.  On their turn they roll the dice and use the dice + their cards to beat a villain.  Once they use a card it's removed.  The person who defeats the most villans at the end is the winner.   (one of my groups wants to count who needed to use the most superheroes to determine the winner by counting the bottom of the villain cards).

The deck also comes with cards such as double punch, and wilds which I eliminated from my set.  I was worried about all the "not fair" complaints for one kid getting and not others.  It also decreased the game explanation

I also found some Marvel stickers at Michael's for a dollar so my kids are immersed in super-heroes and loving it!

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