Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comprehension Paragraphs

Another blog post today - really? Well, I was going to save this one, but with my sale coming up tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I got this up on TPT so you all can get the discount.  I was home sick most of last week, and was able to finish up on some partially complete materials.  I've been needing some sorting activities for telling the difference with main-ideas, details and inferences for some time so I'm really excited to finally have finished the activity!

Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Paragraphs
12 Fiction and 12 Non-Fiction paragraphs included.

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Very little color is used in this document.  Options are included to be able to print all therapy materials in black and white only to limit visual distractions and save on color ink!  (sorting page is included in color and black and white)
Sorting page for Main Ideas, Details and Inferences for the paragraphs.  This page is also included in simple black and white.

1: Have students identify Main Ideas, Details and Inferences from the Paragraphs.  6 sentences cards are included for each paragraph (1 main idea, 1 inferences and 4 details). Students sort the parts of the paragraph to identify the main idea and details from the paragraph and identify which sentence was an inference.  Sorting pages are included.  Some paragraphs have more than 4 details to allow for students to find their own detail.
Sample of the paragraphs with the main idea, inference and details included.  12 non-fiction and 12 fiction paragraphs are included.

2: Have students answer comprehension questions.  The same 24 paragraphs (12 fiction and 12 non-fiction) are included on additional cards with 3 comprehension questions underneath the paragraph.  

Sample of the comprehension questions with fiction paragraphs.

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  1. This goes so well with the story comprehension subtest on the CELF-4 with the main idea/details/inferencing questions. I have so many clients who struggle with that subtest and this will be perfect for them. Thanks! ~Ms. Lane

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