Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fact and Opinion Cards

 My new TPT activity is an activity to identify facts and opinions.  The therapy objective is to help students understand the difference between facts and opinions.  Some of my sixth graders have started working on facts and opinions in their classrooms, and our conversations have really shown that that have a lot of difficulty identifying the difference between the two.  I'm excited for this one, the more we've talked aobut it the easier it is getting.  Check it out on TPT!

24 Fact cards and 24 opinion cards as well as fact and opinion posters are included. Blank cards to add your own facts and opinions are included at the end of the unit.

An opinion poster is also included, but not pictured.

Students work to identify facts and opinions.
Facts Cards

Students can discuss if they share the opinion on the card, or who might have that opinion.
Opinion Cards

Additional Game cards are included. Students try to get as many monster cards as possible. If they get eyes they see a monster and take an extra turn. If they get slimed they lose a turn, card or all their cards, depending on how your students like to play.

Grab this activity on TPT!

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