Thursday, February 21, 2013

I still love Dropbox!

I did a post about how much I love dropbox last spring.  I am still loving everything about using Dropbox for working between my home and work computer.  Life without the jump drive is going well.  I regularly back up my computers, but that isn't a daily activity.  Dropbox allows me to keep my working files in a "crash-free" zone so I won't ever lose part of an evaluation report because of a computer issue.

Dropbox will also upload pictures on the I-pad into a folder you can use on your computer!  I originally planning to blog about this, but when the ASD teacher in my building mentioned that she Googled a classroom teacher for a picture for a picture schedule, I thought that this handy trick isn't as common knowledge as I once thought, and needs to be shared.

I frequently take individualized pictures for a few specific students as well as to upload here.  By being able to use the I-pad I don't have to worry about remembering to take my camera back and forth.  It's also great to take individualized pictures for picture schedules, or for communication boards for Boardmaker. 

All my photos are currently uploaded.  You will get a message while it is uploading telling you how much is left.  You can even see screen shots for an upcoming post!

You can select to automatically upload pictures (it will do video too!) when you download and open the dropbox app.  When you are ready to upload a bunch of pictures, open Dropbox on the I-pad and it will get started!  Once you upload a video, and move it out of your dropbox folder, you will also open up a lot of space on the I-pad too.

Signing up for here will give me more free space.  Otherwise you can sign up at  You get so much free space to start with, and then can invite others or choose to pay for more free space depending on your needs.


  1. Great information but you should be aware that Dropbox is not HIPPA compliant. That means anything with our students' records should not go on there.
    Google Drive is not compliant either unfortunately.

  2. I have cleared through my school districts technical support to use Dropbox for my records. As a school district we also use googledocs to communicate between staff and keep records.

    This is a great reminder to check with your school district and find out what is ok and not ok!

  3. I like Dropbox way more now with its great new features and iOS compatibility. And since it is so easy to use, Students love it too. Last year, our school implemented a web-based document management solution called GroupDocs to keep school docs in check and for audit purposes. This solution was being used on and off by some teachers but since GroupDocs' integration with Dropbox has been announced, we all are very excited. I leave comments on student work with the annotation app by GroupDocs and the new doc is readily available on Dropbox. With more teachers on board with this, free storage available is always increasing for us to make use of.

  4. You are simply confident that your stuff is safe when you have this online storage like DropBox. And that brings about so much peace of mind, right? It works in real time too! By the time you make changes on your files, they are saved as is. But no fret, since the host has a month’s history of all your work. I think that’s very important to be able to review your works.