Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alien Attributes - A Describing Unit!

This is a describing unit that has a group of friendly aliens who have landed on earth.  Students are asked to help the aliens figure out about things on earth.  Contains a “story page” for each describing aspect about helping each alien figure out what to do with all of the things they find on earth!

248 therapy cards, plus additional game cards and customizable blank cards are included!

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Functions & Describing

The functions and describing units use the same basic group of cards, with two extra pages of animal cards to use for describing.  The describing unit includes a cue sheet to use to help students think up multiple items.  Game cards are included.  Students collect as many aliens as they can by helping them.  Some cards allow them to take an extra turn, others mean they lose a turn or lose all their cards.

The describing unit has a visual cue sheet to help students describe multiple elements for each object.

Functions/Describing: 48 object cards, 16 animal cards to use in describing not functions.


The comparing unit ask students to label how two given items are similar and how they are different.

  56 cards are included.

 The categories unit can be played in several ways.  Students can label items from the category name, label category names from groups of items or match the two together.

80 cards are in this unit, 40 category labels and 40 items cards
Labeling from Description:

Two descriptors are included on each card.  Most can apply to multiple things.

48 Cards are included.

Game Cards come in each unit!

Blank cards are also included to add your own items as appropriate for your caseload.

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