Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silly Stutters Printable Cards!

**EDIT**  I made these before thoroughly understanding copyright and have unshared the document.   Parts of these cards are pictures I've had in various materials since graduate school and I am having difficulty going back and sourcing them.  So enjoy the cards if you already have them, and I do have a silly stutters component in my Stuttering Unit on TPT you can check out if you don't.  Thanks for understanding!

I've had so many kids qualify for fluency this spring that my head is still spinning (and I'm still testing!).  As a result, I've been digging through my fluency materials and dusting them off.  The more I look through what I have the more I feel I don't have.  As all of these kids are starting in spring I've decided to go strong on the education piece and move into strategies starting this fall.  I also wanted to give my kids some positive experiences while stuttering.

As my speech room is not equipped with many fluency materials, nor is it likely that we will have the budget for them anytime in the foreseeable future, I decided to take the opportunity to create my own silly stutters deck and include some kid-friendly and familiar pictures.

Therapy Targets:
1) Desensitization - getting students more used to, and hopefully less upset by stuttering when it occurs in real live.
2) Control - by stuttering on purpose and playing with different kinds of stuttering kids start to feel in control of their speech.
3) Awareness - have kids talk about if the silly stutter was just a silly one or if it could have been real.  It also develops awareness of what's going on in their mouths when they are stuttering.  I combine this with some pictures of the speech mechanism to discuss where things are happening.

As an added bonus kids always love it when you try to stutter with the silly stutters!  They love telling you how bad your stutter is and offer lots of suggestions about how you can get it right.


  1. These are great! I pinned!


  2. Thanks for pinning. I always am looking for more fluency things and was happy to share!

  3. I developed a fluency/stuttering program based on Mario. Check it out on my blog I have had really nice success with it! Thanks for all that you share too!

  4. i love this idea and am going to try it but i had trouble accessing the second page

    1. The cards are just in a google doc, it appears to be working from my end.

  5. Thank you for sharing this post and the link on the Silly Stutters Picture Cards. These materials are very useful (even to speech therapy Orange County sessions) and the illustrations will definitely make the learning process more fun. This strategy of teaching children with stuttering problems is just amazing.

  6. I do not see the link for the cards. Are they not available anymore? They look super cute and I would love to use them!